What we do

Dual Occupancies / New Dwellings


 Do you have a wide block of land and are considering maximising your property value? Have you thought about a Dual Occupancy (commonly known as a Duplex). Or would you prefer a knock down and re-build? We can help. 

1st Floor Additions


 Love your home but it's just not big enough for the family? Thought about going up? 1st floor additions can be a great way to maximise your floor area without compromising on your rear yard. We specialise in this! 

Rear Extensions


Do you own a semi-detached home? When you extend have you thought about maximising light along the common boundary wall? Need some advice? Talk to us.

Granny Flats / Secondary Dwellings


More and more home owners are looking to increase the value of their property. One such way is to provide a Secondary dwelling (commonly known as a 'granny flat'). With housing demand on the up in Sydney, Council's are now more open to this idea. Contact us to find out what you can add to your property.

Swimming Pools


Swimming pools can be a great way to keep the family entertained, but does your site have constraints? Where exactly is your sewer main? Is privacy an issue? Can you actually fit a pool on your site? Up front design and research can save you money and time in the long run. Let us help.

External Works


Sick of your car being uncovered? Do you need a new front fence to increase security and improve aesthetics? Get in touch.